Official Playlists
by Time Travelling Toaster

This is not another world, this the place between worlds. Open your ears to the lustrous ether beyond space and time.

Euphoric / Uplifting

These are a collection of travels that can be found in the deep purple galaxy far beyond the warmth of the Space tribunal.

Hypnotic / Fantasy

Explore the jades, celadons, emeralds, etc. that glows through this galactic moody plane.

Intense / Thrilling

Pour through this astral-cosmic aquarium of wonders that will take you to lush waves of essences beyond explanation.

Mystical / Luxuriant

Travel through the burning tangerine essence of the Flame Nebula to another world beyond our layers, welcome to something with a

Pulsing / Energetic

Welcome to the galaxies finest floating psychedelic boom bap space lounge, " The Ultraviolet Module ".

Elegant / Smooth

Let the easy travels influence your being into the essence of slumber into space in a quieter universe.

Nocturnal / Lazy

Travel into a more aggressive, odd, coldly sharp but warmly vibrant odyssey.

Cold / Aggressive