Official Playlists
by Time Travelling Toaster

Welcome the burning gleam of an fiery surpassing witness. 100 red objects in deep space seem to have mysteriously vanished over the past 70 years, but now you've arrived:

Hyper / Urgent

These are a collection of travels that can be found in the deep purple galaxy far beyond the warmth of the Space tribunal.

Hypnotic / Fantasy

Explore the jades, celadons, emeralds, etc. that glows through this galactic moody plane.

Intense / Thrilling

Pour through this astral-cosmic aquarium of wonders that will take you to lush waves of essences beyond explanation.

Mystical / Luxuriant

Travel through the burning tangerine essence of the Flame Nebula to another world beyond our layers, welcome to something with a

Pulsing / Energetic

Welcome to the galaxies finest floating psychedelic boom bap space lounge, " The Ultraviolet Module ".

Elegant / Smooth

Let the easy travels influence your being into the essence of slumber into space in a quieter universe.

Nocturnal / Lazy

Travel into a more aggressive, odd, coldly sharp but warmly vibrant odyssey.

Cold / Aggressive